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Recently Facebook launched a new version of Creator Studio that lets business accounts schedule Instagram posts and IGTV broadcasts, as well as their existing function of Facebook posts.
As a dedicated social media scheduling tool, we wanted to face off with Creator Studio to see how Sked matches up. In this blog, we’ll be comparing the main features and capabilities of both.

Creator Studio is designed for creators’ basic needs
At a very high level, Creator Studio is great if you are looking for a simple tool to schedule plain Instagram posts, IGTV broadcasts and Facebook Page posts.
Creator Studio lacks any advanced functionality beyond simple posts – but if that’s all you need, it’s great (and of course, free!). Keep in mind it’s designed mostly for Creators (that is, influencers), so its features are designed for that kind of user.
Beyond at that very basic level, it is not very similar to existing social media scheduling tools for businesses or brands like Sked Social at all.
Here’s a brief overview of the different features, but we will go into detail for each one later.

Comparing Creator Studio and Sked Social
Let’s start comparing the different features of Sked Social and Creator Studio. One of the biggest differences is the range of features and efficient workflows that Sked Offers.
Creator Studio is free for users while Sked Social is not. But with Sked Social, you’re paying for more features, more customization and scheduling options. You can try a week free with Sked Social to test it out!
Here’s a breakdown of Sked Social pricing. Users have different options based on how many accounts they manage. They can also choose to pay monthly or annually (saving 16%).

With Sked Social, you can schedule content for Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter. All of your main social media platforms in one place. With Creator Studio, you can only plan posts for Facebook and Instagram.
In Facebook Creator Studio, you can schedule pretty much anything that you would post on Facebook: photos, videos, statuses, check-ins, feelings, etc.

But with Instagram Creator Studio, users can only schedule Instagram posts (photos or videos – no carousel posts supported) and IGTV broadcasts.
Users of Creator Studio can manage multiple pages and Instagram accounts.
With Sked Social, the number of accounts you can manage depends on the type of plan you have.

Instagram Stories
With Sked Social you can also schedule Instagram stories ahead of time (a feature that is not included with Creator Studio).

Just go to Upload then make sure an Instagram account is selected then click Story Post. Sked Social even gives you the preset sizing for story posts so you can be sure that there are no surprises when you upload.
Drag and Drop Feed Planner
Plan what your Instagram grid will look like ahead of time by using Sked Social’s planner. You can drag and drop content directly into your grid and place it where you want before going live.
Perfecting your aesthetic and having a visually cohesive grid is important! Knowing ahead of time what it will look like after every post is a crucial part of the planning process.
Bulk Uploading
Another great feature with Sked Social is the capability to bulk upload posts. Instead of having to individually upload every single post, Sked Social lets you upload as many as you want at the same time. We recommend no more than 30 at a time (just in case you run into a problem), but there is no real limit.
You’ll still be able to individually edit each post, but bulk uploading allows for a more streamlined process.

Queue Function
With Creator Studio, every time you want to schedule content you have to individually select the day and time.
The Queue function in Sked Social allows you to set up times to post each day of the week then lets you add your content to the queue.

Your post will automatically be scheduled into the next available time slot and you don’t have to worry about figuring out the best time to post for each day.
With Sked Social you can also drag and drop content directly onto a calendar to schedule. You will see all of your upcoming posts and holidays and can edit posts straight from there.
With Creator Studio, your only option to schedule content is picking individual dates and times for every single post.
Need approval from a client? Sked allows you to send preview links to external users where they can approve, deny and leave comments easily on the content you’ve uploaded.

You can also add an unlimited number of collaborators with Sked Social and define customized workflows and statuses (draft, ready to publish, deny, etc).
With Creator Studio, different users can have different access to your content, but there is no workflow for approval processes or places to leave comments and select the state of the upload.
Both Creator Studio and Sked Social offer analytics – essentially the same that you see in Insights in the Instagram app.
Creator Studio gives information about:
Performance: Get metrics on the performance of your videos, the videos you share and the videos you crosspost across all your Facebook Pages. Loyalty: Track when you gain new followers, how often they’re watching and when people are returning to watch most often. Audience: Better understand who your audience is, where they live, what languages they speak and what interests they have. Earnings: See earnings insights from your videos with ad breaks. Sked Social gives insights on followers, posts and engagement.
New Insights with Sked Social will also be available soon!
Hashtag Template Manager
At Sked Social, we know that hashtags are one of the most important parts of posting on social media so we take it seriously. Our hashtag manager gives you suggestions about the best hashtags to use.
You can also build custom templates with up to 30 hashtags and 30 mentions. Save the template then add it to your post and Sked will automatically switch up the order of the hashtags each time.

AND Sked can put your hashtags in the first comment to keep your captions nice and neat.
IGTV Scheduling
Creator Studio allows users to schedule Instagram TV broadcasts ahead of time.

Users can upload their content, add a title and description and change the cover image. You can also select if you want to share a preview to your feed and/or to your Facebook page.
This is not currently a feature available with Sked Social.
Facebook and Instagram Messages
Users can also check their Facebook and Instagram messages through Facebook Creator Studio.
Sked doesn’t currently have a way to manage your messages on Facebook or Instagram.
Photo Editor
Both Sked Social and Creator Studio have built in photo editors but let’s look at them side by side.

With Facebook Creator Studio you can choose from five preset filters. With Sked Social, choose from over 20 preset filters ranging from simple to dramatic.
Cropping your photo on Sked Social is easy using the preset sizing tool that gives you optimal sizing based on each platform. With Creator Studio you can crop it manually or crop your photo into a square.
Along with Sked’s large preset filter collection, you can also manually edit your photos and manipulate brightness, contrast, shadows, temperature, clarity and more.

You can tag products and “check in” with Facebook Creator Studio but can’t tag people or places directly in your posts.
With Sked Social you can tag products, people and places for all of your Instagram posts.

Sound Collection (for Facebook only)
One cool thing that Creator Studio offers is Sound Collection. Here you can access free and legal music and sound effects that can be added to videos that you are uploading to Facebook.
This is not an option for Instagram posts uploaded through Creator Studio.

Facebook Creator Studio also gives users insights if they are monetizing their posts.
If you are using ad breaks, fan subscriptions or brand collabs manager, the Monetization section will track performance, check eligibility, give personalized notifications and opportunities to explore.
Link In Bio Integration
Sked Social offers a free link in bio tool called Sked Link. This allows users to have more than one URL in their Instagram bio. From Sked Social, users can add the URL to their Sked Link.

Creator Studio can’t do that.
Decide for Yourself
Still not sure if Sked Social or Creator Studio is right for you? Try Sked Social’s 7-day free trial to see why 10k+ brands choose us as their go-to social media management tool. From auto-posting and scheduling hashtags to photo-editing and Instagram Story posts. Managing social media accounts just got savvier!


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