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Back to back Instagram Story ads are officially in test mode. We’ve also seen Facebook begin working on a new Instagram messaging app and we brought you an informative about how eCommerce businesses are using Instagram to drive sales. Here’s the latest in social media news:
Instagram Tests Back to Back Instagram Story Ads
According to
While we will have to wait and see if this will be rolled out to the whole of Instagram, marketers should take note. Will an increase in back to back Instagram Story ads negatively affect the user experience? that its user’s experience remains a top priority.
Are you using Instagram Story Ads for your clients? if so, it’s important to note that impressive creative is more important than ever. With the increased likelihood of having your ad back to back with larger brands, there will be an increased emphasis on the quality of your ads.
Keep an eye out to see if your client’s accounts are receiving back to back Instagram Story ads and how this feels as a consumer.
Facebook’s Designing a New Messaging App Called Threads for Instagram Users
This week we heard from that Facebook is in the design stage of developing a new messaging app. Designed to complement Instagram, Threads is said to connect users and encourage sharing.
Source: Users will be able to share their:
LocationSpeedBattery LifeTextPhotosVideo MessagesThreads will promote the use of its Close Friends lists and only be able to be used by those in user’s Close Friends groups.
You might be wondering how this will work coinciding with the Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp Messaging App launch. We’ll have to see how this one plays out.

Facebook is Trying New Tactics to Encourage Engagement
As a Social Media Manager, you’ve no doubt seen Facebook’s badges in groups. Essentially, the aim of these badges was to give group members a sense of community and belonging. They were also introduced to encourage users to check out other group members because of their badges, such as ‘visual storyteller’ and ‘Rising Star.’
This strategy must have been effective, as Facebook is now introducing new badges.
Source: Via Users can also now have more than one badge at a time. This addition will assist marketers with better understanding of their audiences within groups.
These additions are also useful for promoting deeper connections. For example, Group Admins could reach out to top fans and thank them for their support, or celebrate page anniversary members on new milestones.
According to groups with over 10k members are also able to share content exclusively with top fans. As a type of ‘gated content,’ this could also incentivise users to engage more on posts and gain access to the extra content.
Source: Via When was the last time you looked to see who was on your client’s top fan lists? An idea is to create a launch strategy sharing content exclusively with top fan accounts (for those with over 10k members) and announcing this to your entire audience to create intrigue and encourage group engagement.
Facebook and Outdoor Advertising – A Match for Marketers?
Facebook recently to examine the success rate of Facebook and Outdoor Advertising as a combined marketing effort. And the results? Well, they’re pretty intriguing for us marketers.
To test this multi-channel approach, Facebook used a French organic yoghurt company as their muse.
Basically, that the combination of Facebook ads and outdoor ads was 13% more efficient than expected in ‘likelihood to purchase’ statistics.
This strategy is said to be effective for increasing product awareness and consideration to purchase in Generation Z and Millenials.
To check out more of the staggering statistics, .
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