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Following in the footsteps of other search engines, this week we saw Facebook testing search bar ads. Team that with Instagram’s AR filter testing and Twitter sharing big-name strategies – it’s been a big week. Here’s the latest in social media news:

Instagram is Testing an AR Sticker

Have you ever gathered up your friends and taken a whole lot of photos on Mac’s Photobooth? You know the one where you can change the background to make it look like you’re on a tropical island? Turns out Instagram is testing something similar.

This week our go-to reverse engineer,

Source: As» reported by digidaily>, search bar ad testing has now officially rolled out. During the test phase, a selection of marketers can place ads in Facebook’s main search bar and the Facebook Marketplace.

According to Digidaily’s sources, marketers are able to use the same targeting in these ads as newsfeed ads. Those advertising aren’t, however, able to select keywords to appear for. This differs from traditional search bar advertising.

Since this feature is still in the testing phase, let’s hypothesise how this would fit into the landscape of digital advertising.

  • Without the ability to target keywords, marketers aren’t able to specifically target ads towards people searching for competitors
  • Are consumers really looking to have advertisements appear when using the search bar? Particularly in the regular feed?
  • Search bar ads could abolish the purpose of the Facebook Marketplace (selling pre-loved goods)

On a more positive note, brands could use search bar ads to:

  • Increase brand awareness by appearing more frequently for targeted audiences
  • Reach audiences who specifically use Facebook to search marketplace
  • Test ad performance across a new placement option

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Twitter Releases the Twitter Strategies of Top Brands

Twitter has always been pretty accommodating to its business users. This time around, they’re scoping out successful Twitter strategies of big brands and sharing them with the world.

Whether your clients are using Twitter or you, yourself are using it as a marketing tool, these tips are pretty darn useful.

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