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This week it’s ALL about Instagram! They are making moves! This week they got rid of the Following tab, gave the camera and Create feature an upgrade, launched a feature to identify phishing emails, set up dark mode for iOS 13 and Android 10 AND are working on desktop Direct Messaging.
Instagram gets rid of its Following feature
According to TechCrunch, “Instagram says that its Explore tab is the go-to place to find new people, places and hashtags to follow. Meanwhile, the Following tab is now only used by a small number of people on a regular basis.” So they got rid of it!

When you clicked on the bottom heart icon on Instagram, it would bring up two tabs: Activity and Following. But now as you can see, there is only an Activity tab.
Activity is where you see all of your own notifications (who’s liking your content, when someone follows you, when there are comments on your posts).
Following was what your friends were up to on Instagram.
It was originally meant to be a discovery tool but kind of turned into a “stalking” tool to see when people were active, who they were following and content they were liking.
If you genuinely used the Following section to find new accounts to follow then this might be a little upsetting to you (probably even more upsetting if you used it to creep on people). But you can still find new content through the Explore tab!

New Instagram camera and create
This week Instagram overhauled the look of their camera for Stories and added some new features to the Create option. One fun addition is an homage to #tbt (throwback Thursday).

When making an Instagram story, one of the options is to “create” where you could type something on a pretty background, add a countdown, poll, or quiz.
Now you have a GIF option and a feature called “on this day.” Basically, Instagram will pull content that you posted from years ago that you can easily post as a throwback.
If you don’t like the first image they pick, click the dice on the top of the screen and it’ll give you a different option (if you have another option to choose from).
** The dice rolling also works for random polls, quizzes, questions and countdowns (if you can’t think of your own).
Instagram launches feature to identify phishing emails
Instagram announced their new feature in a Twitter post earlier this week.

Say you get an email claiming to be from Instagram, this new feature will let users check to see if it’s real or just a scam.
In the app, users can go to Settings > Security > Emails from Instagram and Instagram will show you all of the emails that they have sent you for that account. If the email isn’t listed there, then it’s a scam!
Instagram gets dark mode
Users with iOS 13 or Android 10 can now scroll through Instagram using dark mode. The only thing is that you can only access it if you change your entire phone to dark mode setting.

Dark mode makes scrolling through Instagram a little easier on the eyes, but there’s not an option within the app itself (like there is on Twitter).
Here’s how to access it with iOS 13: Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark

Instagram is bringing DM’s to desktop
According to reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is working on a desktop version of direct messaging.

This would be a giant help for all social media managers. Although if you have a Facebook business page, you can manage Instagram direct messages from there.
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What’s New at Sked Social?
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This week we brought you a couple new blogs! Read How to Restrict Accounts on Instagram to learn how to quietly shadow ban online bullies. Your Guide to Threads from Instagram tells you everything you need to know about Instagram’s new camera-first, Close Friends messaging app.
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