Новости социальных сетей: Facebook оштрафовал на 5 миллиардов долларов, опубликовал отчет за второй квартал и изменил рекламу на FacebookЗапостил On

Prior to releasing their staggering Q2 Report, we saw Facebook fined a record-breaking $5 billion. Instagram’s suspended accounts will now be warned before they’re closed down, and changes to Facebook ads were announced. Here’s the latest in social media news:

Instagram Will Now Warn You Before Deleting Your Account

Have your clients ever had their Instagram account deleted without notice? This week we saw an influx in Instagram accounts going mysteriously missing – sans warning.

If this has ever happened to you or your clients, you’ll be pleased to know that this is all changing.

According to Facebook fined - Instagram account Delete - Sked Social

Source: TechCrunch,» it also almost times greater than the largest privacy or data security penalty ever.>

Facebook now faces an onslaught of new privacy requirements.

In a blog post by Facebook general counsel, Colin Stretch, he notes:

“The agreement will require a fundamental shift in the way we approach our work and it will place additional responsibility on people building our products at every level of the company. It will mark a sharper turn toward privacy, on a different scale than anything we’ve done in the past.”

Colin Stretch, Facebook Counsel via TechCrunch» reports an extra staff have been hired at facebook hq.>

Facebook Q2 Report Exceeds all Expectations Just Hours After Fine Announcement

As reported by Facebook fined - Facebook monthly active users - Sked Social

Source: Facebook via Social» media today> reports that there will now be fewer lines of text to display (three, in fact). After these lines, readers will be prompted to click to view additional text.

In addition, photos and videos will have a maximum height of 4:5 on mobile News Feeds.

Facebook fined - Facebook ads - Sked Social
Source: Jane» manchun wong> revealed more backend work at Instagram. This time? An About You section. From the visual, sourced from Wong, it appears you’ll be notified when your account is mentioned in Instagram Stories.

Facebook fined - Instagram account Stories - Sked Social

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