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Building up a subscriber base is for your blog or website is easy until you actually get too many of them. As it turns out, winning their attention is only half the battle, the other half is keeping it, meaning taking care of your audience in pretty much all aspects, including security. For that, you’ll need help in the form of WordPress membership plugins.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons for you to use WordPress membership plugins for your website. Some of your work might be better off for people who can pay a premium or maybe you’re running a shopping or eCommerce website. In any case, having a membership function on your website can help build a sense of community for your audience.

Hence, you might want to take a look into these plugins. They are some of the best WordPress has on offer in regards to making your regular viewers honorary members of your website.

Wishlist prides itself in being one of the most powerful membership plugins ever on the internet for WordPress. It’s all about giving you the control which parts of your website to restrict or to make available to your viewers. Along this is a healthy number of options you can use to manage the membership functions of your website.

For that matter, it’s not the best plugin here for new users. It’s quite advanced and would need a seasoned blogger or website admin to operate. It’s also quite serious and usually reserved for the bigger businesses since the only free version it has is a 30-day trial and the single-site license is quite pricey at $197.


Free version is a 30-day trialPremium version is $197/year for single-site license, $297 for multisite.Advanced tool for advanced usersPlenty of customizable membership optionsMemberPress is often considered unanimously as the best among all WordPress membership plugins. One thing which earned this plugin much praise for many users is how easy it is to use compared to the more intermediate Wishlist Membership. That makes MemberPress a perfect choice for websites or business who are just starting out.

Additionally, MemberPress allows for content dripping, which lets you schedule which content or sections of your website will later become free after a prolonged membership restriction period. Such flexibility does come at a cost, though. MemberPress isn’t exactly free, it costs a minimum of $129 for a single website.


Costs $129/year for a single-site license, $249 for 10 sites, and $369 for 30 sitesVersatile plugin with lots of conveniences for the adminEasy to useAnother premium tool in our WordPress membership plugins list is the Restrict Content Pro. You could say that it’s as easy to use as MemberPress since Restrict Content Pro mimics the look and feel of the WordPress admin dashboard– something you should already be familiar with.

With that said, there is still an included documentation when you avail of the plugin, so it may be a lot less accessible for users than MemberPress. Restrict Content Pro goes for as little as $99 for a single-site license. It also touts itself as being able to give you full control over the content and the sections of your website, as its name implies.


Costs $99/year for single-site, $149 for five websites, $249 for 17 websites, and a one-off fee of $499 for everything in the Plus planAlso guarantees full control for membership restrictionsBlends in seamlessly with WordPress dashboardBased on the name alone, Teachable is more of an online course builder but it also functions as an all-in-one tool. One of its included functionalities is the membership plugin along bundled with the other tools in just one dashboard. As such, it also incorporates analytics, email marketing, and forums under the hood.

It’s a great tool for those wanting to keep their WordPress performance as smooth and light as possible with the fewest amount of add-ons. Even so, Teachable’s membership aspect is no slouch. It’s accessible (once you set it up properly) and has added engagement tools you can integrate into the membership. The downside is it’s not exactly a WordPress plugin per se and has to be integrated using links or a sub-domain.


Quite pricey at $39/month for the basic plan, $99 for professional and $499 for businessAll-in-one toolHas roughly the same features as the dedicated pluginsEasy to useNot a pluginRELATED: Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

If free WordPress membership plugins are more your speed, then look no further than s2Member. It has been in existence for a while now and has a dedicated user-base as well. Now, since it’s free, you obviously have to give up a few things. In this case, s2Member isn’t exactly known for its user-friendliness.

It’s more suited for advanced users and those who know their way around WordPress. Still, it’s free and also comes with a pro version; it also comes with its own range of functions similar to the more heavyweight plugins in this list like the content dripping, integrations, and payment gateways. Meanwhile, the pro version’s pricing isn’t too steep.


Has a generous free versionPro version costs $89/year for a single-site license, unlimited sites cost $189Not beginner-friendlyAnother option for those of you who want WordPress membership plugins with free versions would be Paid Member Subscriptions. It’s pretty straightforward and is all about gating some of your content, products, or site sections to non-members. Thankfully, setting it up is easy (installation) but the functionality isn’t as flexible as the others.

It also integrates well with the WordPress dashboard for less clutter and more seamless experience. However, this plugin is better used for online store websites– it even has a WooCommerce version for those who have dedicated eCommerce websites. That could also explain the more limited features.


Has a free versionSingle-site license starts at $69/yearNot as robust as the othersBetter suited for online storesNow we’re back in the premium territory, except this one, LearnDash, specializes on accessibility. It’s arguably the easiest WordPress membership plugin to use here and prides itself so. Additionally, LearnDash is highly versatile and comes with great options for membership tiers and other conveniences.

Its features, for that matter, are similar to the best plugins in this list. LearnDash’s integrations list is also extensive and includes Slack, WooCommerce, bbPress, and even other membership plugins like MemberPress. The cost? Quite high, consequently.


Single-site pricing starts at $159/yearEasy to useHighly flexibleLike Teachable, aMember Pro is not a WordPress plugin, it’s an external tool but you can still integrate it with WordPress websites to act like plugins. Anyway, aMember Pro has been a mainstay on the internet for about a decade now and support for it has always been decent at the very least.

It’s also not free but comes with a plethora of payment integrations for your site members (over 200) and unlimited allowance of members. It is no doubt a competitive membership tool but since it’s not specifically made for WordPress, compatibility issues might arise especially with other plugins.


Tool costs $149.36 and can then be used as a plugin for an unlimited number of sitesExtensive payment integration optionsOn a final note, make sure to review each of the plugins’ offerings to ensure that your website needs are covered, especially if you’ve chosen the premium ones.

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